Senior Civil Engineer

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
– Close comments on Design Basis, Specifications and Standard Drawings
– Provide support to Milan/London offices for “disputed comments” and chair meetings to resolve with COMPANY
– Provide ongoing support for Subcontractor Site queries related to Specifications and Materials selection
– Provide ongoing technical review for consistency checks between Milan & London design
– Manage the interface between Integrated Tash force and London office.
– Communicate the requirements of Saipem project systems (COSY, CITEL, SIOC, BOF,Digital Control Tower )
– Review London Progress to provide summary suitable for communication to COMPANY
– Review London forecasts to provide Company with foresight of upcoming problems.
– Communicate with Milan office and Integrated Task Force Engineer to ensure consistency for design executed and deliverables produced in both Operating Centres
– If needed able to perform detailed analyses and design as per design basis, project specifications, design codes and standards.
– Apply knowledge and skills to a wide range of standard and non-standard situations.
– Manage own time to meet agreed deadlines and budgets – Clearly communicate and explain complex issues and work to establish understanding
– Liase with All Engineering disciplines, Construction site/Fabrication Group, Safety Dept, Document Control, Procurement Group, Subcontractors and Vendors, and Customers.