Principal Quality Operations Specialist

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
– Review contract scope of work, specification, Project Execution Plan, and accepted qualifications and identify unique requirements or special processes during the project that require control for effective examination & reliability
– Direct, supervise, and participate in the activities of the Project Management Team to ensure product quality
– Initiate Quality Planning by consulting the proactive and preventive measures identified and evaluate the effectiveness of the Project Quality Plan/procedures necessary to achieve product quality
– Initiate Fit for Purpose evaluation for non-conforming items
– Assure through proper utilization of resources and audit verification of the effective execution of the Project Quality Plan
– Coordinate daily with the quality team to ensure adequate resources are available for day-to-day activities. Provide mentoring and coaching to the team as required for each discipline.
– When required, Develop a Project Quality Plan to cover all customer requirements to a level of detail necessary to ensure integration within the Project Quality Plan
– Liaise with the project Personnel and Customers to ensure that Quality problems are addressed and technically resolved
– Oversee the As-Built Project Certification as it is progressed through work approval packages and monitor the progress/status of mechanical completion
– Prepare Quality related ‘lessons-learned’ through project Close-out Report
– Conduct Readiness Review meetings with all QA/QC disciplines
– Participate in Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of Project Quality data
– Prepare weekly MOM, Monthly reports (QMR), Project specific Inspection Assignment documents
– Plan and arrange for Pre-Inspection Meeting along with the Manager Assurance, Quality Inspectors Expeditor, Package Manager, Supplier, and Client