Principal Planner

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
– Coordinate with project teams, engineering, procurement groups and the fabrication / construction group to finalize engineering and fabrication / construction priorities
– Attend KOM, Management Review Meeting and Client Meeting
– Support auditors during Internal and External audits
– Implement the Lesson Learned as applicable for Project Control Function
– Understand the project execution plan and document changes to the baseline execution plan
– Prepare WBS (Global Activity Code) before developing scope Schedule
– Finalize Schedules from Level 0 to Level 3 in Primavera with logic coupled & properly resourced.
– Finalize Level 4 progress databases with Level-3 plans at all times.
– Analyze schedule sensitivities and highlight concerns to PMT/Functional Management as and when observed.
– Suggest mitigations for schedule related sensitivities to the project planning lead and other stakeholders
– Mentor the junior team members to their growth and development.
– Facilitate Project Schedule Risk Analysis on a regular intervals.
– Ensure proper reporting formats are followed
– Ensure effective and regular maintenance of schedules and schedule performance analysis.
– Ensure all project schedules are finalized and maintained error free (Technically and logically). Logics shall be as per agreed execution philosophy.
– Conduct schedule workshops and publish action plan / MOM for follow up of closeout of actions.
– Ensure that P6 schedule error reports are reviewed and corrected
– Prepare and finalization of Engineering and Fabrication / Construction Level 4 databases including links to the Level 3 Schedule.
– Ensure resources (man-hours) and quantities are managed properly in the schedule and through proper schedule interface with the Level 4 engineering and fabrication databases.
– Participate in PROM sessions and run Schedule Risk Analysis when required.
– Conduct Target Plan Meetings per the procedure.
– Develop resource profiles using Primavera and ensure that resource planning is adequate and in line with Level III Schedule and Man-hour Budget.
– Analyze resource utilization during scope changes.
– Conduct Manpower Forecast reviews.
– Tracking, analysis and communications of engineering and fabrication performance.
– Ensure effective communication of schedule performance analysis, critical and sub critical path impacts etc on timely basis to all related stakeholders and decision makers in project and functional organization as topmost priority throughout project life cycle.
– Ensure that standard progress reports formats are used per the procedure.
– Provide planning related inputs to PMT for invoicing and various project reports.
– Ensure that weekly and monthly progress and performance reports are prepared and properly distributed per the procedure and Project Team requirements.
– Weekly Planning deliverables contains:- Engineering Overall, Discipline Wise Summary – Plan, Progress, Variance & Forecast.
– Procurement Overall Plan, Progress, Variance & Forecast.
– Engineering Overall & Discipline Wise – Look Ahead, Short fall
– Critical Path Analysis Report & Delay Impact Analysis.
– Productivity Report with Analysis
– Overall and discipline wise “S” curve for deliverables, 3D modeling, Procurement & Vendor Engineering
– Milestone update and forecast

– Analyze scope changes for schedule and progress impact
– Review and track variances which are managed by the Project Team
– Engineering KPI – Set goals and objectives for planners, review and update
– Attend planning interface meeting.