Senior Quality Inspector

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
– Perform inspection at supplier’s premises/site, to determine product conformity to PO/PR, drawings and technical specifications through inspection and tests in accordance with Quality Plans/ITPs. Appraises product Quality.
– Liaise with Manager Assurance (PQMs), Vendor Inspection Coordinator (VIC), Package Manager/Engineer, Assurance Specialist, Discipline Engineer, Expeditor, Certifying Authority, Customer, Suppliers.
– Assigned as lead inspector to carry out inspection activities on critical packages, in accordance with the approved Inspection and Test Plan or Quality Control Plan to ensure assure product Quality in a timely manner. All Inspection shall be carried out based on approved documents as per the updated latest SDRL issued by the document control.
– Appraises product Quality in accordance with the Purchase Orders/Purchase Requisitions, Technical Specifications, drawings and Quality Plans.
– Ensure no open NCR on the equipment / package prior to release.
– Witness Factory Acceptance Test in accordance with the approved procedure and project specification.
– Conduct quality audit and/or surveillance as required to assess the compliance of the supplier to the approved procedures and to verify effectiveness of Supplier Quality System.
– Receive, review/study inspection assignment package prior to pre-inspection meeting. Review Lessons Learned website prior to start of work.
– Identify change and progress issues if any and liaise with Package Manager and Manager Assurance.
– Attend Pre-Inspection Meetings, Kick-off meeting, Pre-production meetings etc., as required.
– Inspection and Test plan shall be signed off for the inspections he has witnessed/performed and a Supplier Inspection Report (SIR) shall be prepared for the same. All Inspection results needs to be documented and if any non-conformances exist documentation shall be raised to establish corrective action and close out.
– When in process inspections are carried out and inspector identifies outstanding work, this shall be recorded in a punch list format and shall be attached to the Supplier inspection report/Inspection release photographs/test reports to be attached as required.
– Monitor the document requirements of the project from the beginning to as it progresses to the final data dossier in accordance with the approved Manufacturers Data Record or Quality dossier index.
– Stamp and sign all documents/test reports/certificates reviewed, inspections witnessed.
– Provide support and training to Quality Inspector (Source Inspection)
– Proactively informing suppliers about the lessons learned of past projects through lessons learned sessions.