Senior Planner

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
– Is responsible for an active safety minded Planning & Scheduling team. Leads by example
– Is responsible for working out the contract details into fit for purpose Planning & Scheduling deliverables. Important contract requirements and consequences to be highly visible
– Is responsible for assisting the project disciplines to plan, align and schedule their respective scopes. The goal is to develop an accurate project and progress basis Identify scheduling issues and communicate them to management in a timely manner for corrective action
– Is responsible for the work distribution, personal and technical challenges for people and a proper working atmosphere in the team
– Is responsible for applying the Company Quality System on the project as well as the quality of the output of the individual scheduling specialists. Adequately select and use the company procedures and tools
– Aid the department to maintain and develop procedures, best practices and tools
– Be familiar with procurement, materials control, estimating and cost control techniques. Master planning & scheduling tools, best practices and techniques
– Be able to establish the Planning & Scheduling portion as part of the Project Controls Execution Plan. Develop and setup a WBS
– Be able to prepare logic network schedules on any type of project (Basic E, E, P, EP, EPC, EPFC, PMC, Multi-office)
– Be able to setup and/or direct the setup of effective physical progress measurement based on earned value principles, using the company tools
– Be able to prepare an effective critical path schedule, perform analysis and make recommendations
– Be able to regularly analyze project planning, performance and progress data, raise issues and advise corrective action
– Be able to analyze and forecast discipline performance and manpower requirements and physical progress
– Be able to represent Project Controls Management in client discussions with respect to all aspects of planning & scheduling, manpower forecasting, progress measurement and resource control
– Be able to prepare and/or direct the preparation internal and client progress reports and performance reports
– Be able to perform a Monte Carlo / Pert Master schedule analysis
– Be able to define the requirements for, and follow up, Construction and Subcontractor schedules for the purpose of the overall schedule feasibility
– Be able to represent Construction Management in client and Subcontractor discussions with respect to all aspects of planning & scheduling, manpower forecasting, progress measurement and resource control
– Be able and prepared to execute lower grade tasks if necessary
– Be able and prepared to represent Project Controls department in proposal work and discussions with clients
– Be able and prepared to advice department management in procedure and tool related issues. Prepare appraisals