Senior Instrumentation and Telecoms Designer

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
– Reports to the Department Manager and Lead Engineer or Lead Designer
– Has proven to be successful in aforementioned tasks/responsibilities as designer and with the experience thereof, be able to progress without any problem.
– Is responsible for the technical quality of the work executed
– Is able to independently make material estimates with respect to projects and extra work.
– Under supervision, be able to set up logic diagrams, process control diagrams, etc., and applicable documents for instrument systems.
– Gives assistance to the Lead Engineer with development of the installation subcontract.
– Support Lead Engineer on internal as well as external changes.
– Shows flexibility and ensures proper hand-over with regards to: the replacement of colleagues during illness and holidays, the provision of assistance to other colleagues with heavy workload
– Ensures that he/she is up to date on company/project standards, procedures and specifications, and that they are fully adhered to.
– Interface includes: Lead Engineer/Deputy Lead Engineer, Engineers, Project Engineers, Designers/Draftsmen, Other Discipline Engineers/Designers, Procurement, Subcontracts, Construction, Client, Subcontractors, Suppliers
– Experience of co-ordination with high value Engineering Centres