Senior Authority / Regulatory Compliance Engineer

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
– Advise project members on authority requirements
– Provide regulatory compliance requirements during RFQ/TBE stage
– Prepare and maintain certification matrix master file
– Coordinate with disciplines to obtain all required information to obtain authority approvals
– Focal point for the regulatory compliance agencies and coordination of their visits for inspections / surveillance in conjunction with Inspection & quality team
– Coordinate with Clients, Sellers and Authorities
– Maintain logs and information required for regulatory compliance
– Provide inputs to fabrication team and subcontractors on regulatory compliance requirements
– Review drawings and documents from the sellers in relation to authority requirements
– Issue MR & Scope of work for engaging Third parties related to certifications
– Follow up in the yards on the certification work & coordinate with all parties involved
– Apply all HSE requirements in the execution of the work
– Keep informed regarding latest developments in authority requirements