Quantity Surveyor

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
– Evaluate and recommend proposals by understanding rates, cost structure estimates of material, equipment services, production cost, performance requirements and delivery schedules
– Administer Subcontract functions for a project and bid
– Participate in or lead subcontract management strategy development and implementation
– Guide on subcontract management matters to site leadership and home office personnel
– Prepare and present internal and external subcontract management presentations
– Manage and explain contracting policies and procedures to requestors on respective projects
– Review standard subcontracts to ensure compliance with the contracting policy before execution
– Direct development of subcontracts and processes
– Ensure proper handling of subcontracts, support documentation, and related files
– Participate in internal self-audits of the subcontracting process
– Development of procedures as required
– Prepare subcontracting activity reports
– Maintain direct liaison with filed Subcontract Coordinators to ensure proper administration
– Preparation of Project specific flow-downs from the project’s prime contract
– Understand and comply with the project sourcing strategy
– May be appointed the key Super User with additional system responsibilities
– Support the resolution of subcontract-related issues
– More than just routing emails, the role will get involved to investigate the cause and address problems on a project
– Support the subcontractor performance review and closeout process