Project Manager

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
– May be assigned to lead a bid team, execute capture strategy, and lead technical & commercial bid efforts in conjunction with the Proposal & Estimating department.
– Responsible for management of all phases of a project or a discrete portion of a larger project.
– Delivers the project in accordance with the approved budget and baseline schedule.
– Ensures that the contract is properly administered, especially with respect to protection of McDermott’s contractual rights, and maximization of opportunities, including negotiation of variations to the scope of work.
– Oversees the management of change.
– Ensures that project activities adhere to the requirements of the Quality Management System (QMS).
– Ensuring the project activities adhere to the requirements of the HSE management system.
– Responsible for the development, approval and implementation of project execution plans.
– Oversees the planning and resource allocation of personnel throughout the project.
– Defines roles, responsibilities, and authorities for team members.
– Effectively delegates authority and responsibility.
– Establishes & maintains relationships with the client & subcontractors.
– Drives the resolution of issues or conflicts between departments or with the client.
– Monitors and manages the project risk profile with the assistance of relevant departments.
– Prepares and issues reports to the client in accordance with contract requirements.
– Liaises with the client and key subcontractors as required.
– Arranges and attends meetings with the client and subcontractors as required.
– Ensures that all written documentation required under the contract is prepared and submitted on time and in accordance with contract requirements.
– Ensures that all personnel training requirements are met.
– Ensures robust decision-making processes are utilized and decisions recorded.
– Oversees contingency planning and lessons learnt for the full project scope.
– Ensures that close out activities are properly performed, and documents submitted as required by the contract and McDermott Close out Procedure.