Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
– Serve as a resource to develop and administer a proactive prevention program for incidents
– Provide technical assistance to ensure compliance with applicable international, federal, state, and company environmental, safety, and health regulations
– Implement the HSES Activity plan and ensure activities are completed as scheduled
– Assist in the preparation of HSES Statistics Reports
– Conduct HSES inspections as directed
– Assist in the preparation and maintenance of HSES information
– Regularly inspect the work areas to identify unsafe acts or conditions
– Assist with incident investigations and compilation of reports
– Update and maintain HSES database/platform
– Assist with medical evacuations and respond to emergencies as required
– Observe work groups and provide guidance and coaching to personnel to perform work safely
– Assist in the delivery and observation of toolbox talks and Job Safety Analyses
– Observe the condition of plant and equipment and report deficiencies