Assurance Specialist

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
– This role will provide the focal point contact for managing source inspection activities for current assignments on the Projects.
– Provide support to Project Lead Source Inspection Coordinator to deliver the SI services to the project within stipulated Source Inspection budget and schedule
– Ensure implementation of the source inspection process and coordination / execution plan
– Review of contract documentation, technical documents and clarify the inspection scope at bid stage to the suppliers
– Participate in Source Inspection coordination with the Project Quality Management team
– Reviewing supplier documents, ITP and ensure completeness of manufacturing data records
– Issue assignment packages to staff inspectors or agency coordinator. (Selection of Source Inspector done by Lead Source Inspection Coordinator)
– Manage inspection notifications and coordinating with suppliers, clients, project personnel, and Source Inspectors (MDR staff or agency)
– Participate in Kick off Meeting, leading the Pre inspection meeting and attending critical inspection stages as per approved project ITP
– Prepare Look Ahead Schedule and Monthly Project Inspection reports for submission to client
– Update and maintain the Source Inspection data systems
– Assist in disposition of NCR / AOC and maintaining NCR log
– Ensure the distribution of Inspection reports after review and facilitating the issuance of Source Inspection release note after confirming close out of NCRs and Punch lists
– Track budgeted project man-hours
– Facilitate Supplier Performance Evaluation as required
– Undertake surveys and audits of manufacturing facilities where necessary
– Complete close out of all Source Inspection assignments
– Facilitate Source Inspectors performance evaluations